Simple and feature rich PokéDex skill for Alexa.

What is Dexa?

Dexa makes your Alexa just as smart as the PokéDex! It offers data about your favourite Pokémon, items, abilities, and moves just a voice command away. If your device has a screen (such as the Echo Spot, the Echo Show, or your mobile app) it will even give a visual description the information you request! The name Dexa is a portmanteau of "Dex" and "Alexa". Dexa uses the GraphQL Pokémon API for a rich and up-to-date dataset. Want to know what devices are compatible with Dexa? Check out the page on Alexa compatible devices on Amazon here.

Voice Commands

Launches Dexa, this should always be your first command.

Alexa, launch Dexa Browser.

Alexa will read out the how-to for Dexa.

Alexa, help.

Stops this Dexa session.

Alexa, stop.

Gets information about a Pokémon.

Alexa, pokemon data Dragonite.

Gets information for an ability.

Alexa, ability data Multiscale.

Gets information for an item.

Alexa, item data Weakness Policy.

Gets information for a move.

Alexa, move data on Dragon Claw.