About me

Greetings, My name is Jeroen Claassens (a.k.a. Favna) and I manage Favware

Currently 29 years old I am a developer hailing from The Netherlands. I have been a tech enthusiast for as long as I can remember. While attending high school my first choice of optional subjects was Informatics and this quickly showed to be my calling. After I graduated from high school I had no seconds thoughts about my next step - Software Engineering at a university. The university of choice ended up being The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After 5 years attending this university I obtained my Bachelor of IT in the summer of 2019. At the time of writing I am working for CGI inc. in The Netherlands as a Full-Stack Software Engineer. This includes frontend, backend and DevOps work.

In my free time I have delved into a whole slew of small to large projects and some of these are used very actively! Notable mentions are my work on the Sapphire Discord bot framework and JavaScript utilities, the Dragonite Discord bot and my Pokémon API. For my other work I implore you to check out my GitHub profile.

Outside of programming I enjoy playing video games, primarily action/adventure. I have a lot of love for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series. I also love consuming audiobooks and my favourite author is Brandon Sanderson. I absolutely adore his Cosmere universe. I also enjoy reading the Harry Potter franchise and I tend to re-listen to the series every few years. Overall I have a huge weak spot for most anything fantasy. From time to time I also play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends where I use my love for fantasy to go on epic table top adventures.